Helping discover maximum potential through business coaching & consulting!

We fill the gaps of your most complex business needs through assessments, action plans, and deliver guaranteed results.  

We launch organizations into the learning & growth zone!


Building Healthy and High Performing Cultures...….One Team at a Time

We deliver business coaching strategies promoting organizational effectiveness, growth, structural realignment, culture change, HR management, talent development, through diversity, & inclusion practices to support executives in performing at their highest potential leading to successful business outcomes. 

All services are guaranteed to sustain or stimulate growth in operations, increase productivity, improve processes, illuminate healthy cultures and reduce overhead costs.  Maximize Solutions takes the most efficient pathway created through an action plan that is achievable and agile for any organization.  

We have national certifications that guarantee the best delivery of services. 

The success of maximizing your solutions starts and ends with you!!


We Operationalize Diversity and Inclusion at Every Level

Our goals are to analyze, identify, advise, execute, and continue to assess overtime to ensure services provided are generating strength and power to be the most effective organization leading in your industry. Creating and enhancing strong healthy working relationships guarantees a more successful future through capitalizing on your greatest resource which we strongly believe is the diversity of thought, knowledge, and personalities of each person. 

We use the human-centered design approach through consulting and business coaching tactics.    


 What's Keeping You Up At Night? 

~ Would you benefit from leadership coaching support in your personal or professional life or maybe both?

~ Do you have limited resources to provide opportunities for growth to the colleagues within your organization focused on diversity & Inclusion?

~ Does your organizational development and learning program lack consistency, continuity, a full-time position, and/or up-to-date industry-standard offerings?

~ Do you want to build or grow influential and powerful teams but don't have the time, training, certifications, or resources?
~ Are you concerned about being able to lead your colleagues with a fast pace, growing, diversified, or changing culture?

~ Do you have small/temporary projects that need action but don't want to hire permanent staff?

*** you just flat out have growing pains or pain points that you need to be solved?

Maximize Solutions can provide temporary, short term, or long term services based on the needs of an individual or organization! 

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Hear what people have to say about working with Mindi

Mindi kicked off our strategic planning session offsite.  She set the tone and encouraged open dialogue for the days discussion.  The colleagues were by far, more engaged and open to sensitive conversations as we mapped out our vision for our organization. I saw a different side of our colleagues and I would attribute that to her ability to connect with our team members and set the stage for each member to feel valued as an equal contributor to the discussion.  Amazing work, we have her scheduled for another session to continue personal growth.


Thank you for being our advocate.  I appreciate your effort to make us all feel heard.  I know you have tons on your plate which makes my appreciation even greater.  Thank you also for your feedback on my interview.  I will use your tips for my future and definitely will be mock interviewing more often.  

Thanks Again!  

Dr. Mindi Anderson has provided me with valuable coaching and life skills. She listens carefully to every word that is spoken and is inspiring. Dr. Anderson allows her clients to find answers that already exist but need to come forward. She motivates and encourages her clients, enabling them to succeed. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson to anyone wanting to be their best possible self. She is amazing!!!

Dr. Mindi Anderson was a great listener and asked the right questions to help me prepare for an upcoming promotion opportunity. I will not hesitate to use Dr. Anderson's Coaching service again when I need to talk through a difficult decision or prepare for another career opportunity.

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead such an amazing group!  You've undoubtedly changed our service line for the better!  

 I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the great work you do! You have a great ability to put those around you at ease and lead some of our more dynamic teams.  Thank you! 

Thank you for everything you have done for our group.  We appreciate you more than you'll know! Come back soon. 

Thank you for your leadership and organizational skills!  Thank you for helping get our team moving in the right direction.  

Thank you for everything, you really are the best mentor ever!